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DDEx Intro

An introduction to digital data exploitation and prerequisite for the advanced course.

DDEx Intro

This is our introductory class; however, it is far from basic! DDEx stands for Digital Data Exploitation, and we believe in providing practical skills you can start using right away.


Are you interested in learning exactly what the data in cellular call detail records means, and how beneficial it can be in criminal cases? Do you want to see how to obtain, analyze, and apply your target’s social media content to your case in a meaningful way? Do you have a suspect that used Wi-Fi only phones…need to see where he was during the crime, or where he is now? Do you want to know where your fugitive sleeps, or who he/she talks to the most? Ready to interview your suspect? Can you prove where your suspect was and what they were saying or doing before, during, and after the crime? How about bringing all of this information to bear on your case? You are in the right place, and about to join a group of DDEx trained investigators that take it to the next level every day!


This course focuses on building a strong DDEx foundation through explanation, demonstration, and real-world case studies. You’ll leave with the knowledge, skills, and tradecraft needed to successfully apply digital data to your investigations.


The world of digital data evidence is constantly changing, and we stay on the cutting edge. Not only will you be learning from instructors that do this work every day, but you’ll have access to continued support and DDEx content well after the course.


It’s time to step up your investigative game. Let’s get started!


Interested in elevating your investigative game even more? DDEx Intro is the pre-requisite for the subject matter expert certification associated with the DDEx Advanced Course.

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DDEx Advanced LEOVision Tradecraft

Take your Nighthawk LEOVision use to the next level with this entirely hands on course!

DDEx Advanced LEOVision Tradecraft

This hands-on course is designed for the LEOVision user that is ready to take their ability to analyze, interpret, and apply digital data to the next level. The complex data sets obtained in today’s criminal investigations give investigators the ability to go beyond the surface and draw reliable conclusions that enhance the overall investigation. Enhanced analysis can help to defeat common defense arguments, prove device possession/use, and increase the value of the data you already have.

  • Access to Nighthawk LEOVision and completion of the initial onboarding training is required. 

  • Trial LEOVision licenses are available, contact us if you are interested!

  • Use actual data to solve crimes in class. The hands-on approach helps solidify advanced tradecraft that you can put to use immediately!

  • Consider attending the fourth day of class to learn how to document your findings in reports and for court preparation. Present the relationship between the data and the facts of your case in a meaningful way. 



DDEx Subject Matter Expert

The advanced course in digital data exploitation leads to Digital DataSME status.

DDEx Subject Matter Expert

State, local, and federal law enforcement agencies across the country have trained and developed their own subject matter experts in defensive tactics, firearms, and emergency vehicle operations. Why should advanced investigative techniques be any different? After all, as investigators, these are the skills we rely on every day to keep our communities safe, and hold suspects accountable by bringing them to justice.


DDEx Advanced is the Subject Matter Expert Certification course for savvy investigators, analysts, and prosecutors that understand the power of Digital Data Exploitation. This is not a rubber stamp training. Students earn the DDEx Subject Matter Expert Certification by demonstrating the knowledge, skills, and tradecraft required of an expert in their domain.

  • Go beyond the introduction to cellular call detail records and learn how to validate the data while preforming enhanced analytics that tell a compelling story.

  • Learn to peer review reports that contain digital data analysis by providing constructive feedback that ensures accurate conclusions were made and articulated.

  • Called as an expert witness for an upcoming trial? No problem. You’ll be well prepared to provide compelling direct testimony and defend your conclusions during cross examination while describing what the data actually means in a way that juries and judges understand.


Course work includes in-class hands on tasks as well as required take-home exercises that will be reviewed prior to earning full DDEx Subject Matter Expert Certification.  


This is a demanding course, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered… The cost for this subject matter expert certification course includes a trial license for Nighthawk LEOVision; the game changing analytical program that synthesizes all manners of digital data, giving every investigator the ability to fully exploit digital data in their criminal cases.


This course is not a lecture. It is a partnership that is led by court-certified and endorsed Digital Data Exploitation Subject Matter Experts!



DDEx Tactical Interviewing

Tactical Interviewing is a strategy that leverages digital data exploitation in interrogations.

DDEx Tactical Interviewing

Successful interviews and interrogations are, quite literally, the icing on the investigative cake. However, most, if not all training in this area fails to acknowledge the power of Digital Data Exploitation (DDEx).


This course focuses on time tested techniques and tactics that lead to successful interviews while adding the ability to drive these interviews with the power of Digital Data Exploitation. This course puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the ability to know many of the answers before you begin asking interview questions and shows you how to get the suspect to provide this information on their own. It’s that powerful!


  • Obtain confessions that stand up in court.

  • Recognize the difference between truthful and untruthful denials.

  • Use digital data to overcome lies, fill in the blanks, and find the truth.


Learn from investigators that have successfully applied these skills in hundreds of interviews, resulting in hundreds of full and partial confessions. This course is presented in a format that lays the foundation with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a DDEx Tactical Interview and is reinforced by case studies and actual interviews that demonstrate the tradecraft.


DDEx Tactical Interviewing – Finding the truth, driven by digital data.



DDEx Cohort Course

Don't step aside from your mission to train. DDEx Cohort training allows you to bring your cases to the training. 


DDEx Cohort Course

Don’t have time to put down your casework to attend advanced training? No problem, we’ll bring the training to your cases!


DDEx Cohort is designed for investigators, analysts, and prosecutors that understand the value of Digital Data Exploitation but simply don’t have the ability to unplug from cases for a week of training.


Adults learn in different ways, and multi-day lecture style presentations aren’t for everyone. DDEx Cohort is modeled after the distance learning concept. This four-month small group training consists of an initial in-person two-day seminar that focuses on the DDEx basics and walks you through the ins and outs of Nighthawk LEOVision. That’s right, this course includes a trial use LEOVision license, giving you the ability to use the program on your DDEx Cohort casework, and any other digital data driven cases you happen to investigate along the way.


The training continues with bi-weekly online meetings that cover DDEx concepts that you’ll apply directly to your investigations and culminates with a two-day in person wrap up. You’ll be provided peer review support along the way, ensuring that your documentation of the digital evidence in your cases is consistent with industry standards, and ready for court.


  • Solve your cases in “class.” Bring your cases to the training and use them to learn advanced DDEx skills and tradecraft along the way.

  • Small group training creates a Cohort (group of fellow investigators) that builds investigative networks and relationships that extend beyond the training.

  • Led by DDEx subject matter experts that do this work every day.


DDEx Cohort – Advanced Digital Data Exploitation Training, tailored to fit your needs.

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