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Ascend is the training arm of Nighthawk and provides cutting edge training based on real world investigative experience. Courses are taught by subject matter experts with decades of investigative experience and significant practical experience in digital data exploitation. Our focus is to build your knowledge, skills, and tradecraft in digital data exploitation so you can solve your cases more efficiently!


DDEx stands for Digital Data Exploitation. Digital data includes cellular call detail records (CDRs), tower dumps, drive test/scans, specialty location data, Google geolocation, social media (historical location and content), LPR, GPS, third party buying/selling apps, cloud-based data (Apple/Google), cell phone extractions, IP address resolution, vehicle infotainment and telematic systems, geospatial analysis, and more!

When & Where

Check here for course dates and locations or to request to host a training.


Society is deeply engaged in digital data, it impacts every aspect of our lives. The refined ability to locate, obtain, analyze, interpret, and apply sophisticated digital data to criminal cases is a necessary skill for today’s criminal investigator. Synthesizing digital data sources and analyzing how they relate to each other, and the crime(s) investigated gives investigators and analysts the information they need to drive investigations, develop a clear picture of what occurred, and efficiently bring offenders to justice!


We give you the knowledge, skills, and tradecraft experience necessary to successfully apply DDEx to your current and future criminal cases. Our support continues after the course with access to search warrant templates, updated tips and tactics, and a community of digital data investigators. 

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